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YA Fantasy, Nanowrimo 2019 project, anti-heros & Magic

Meredith is magic-deficient in a world powered by it, only avoiding detection by using enchanted charms and her not-so-charming attitude. The countdown tattooed on her shoulder ticks away the days until she's sacrificed to the mysterious 'Orb of Life' to sustain everyone else's reality, and she's had enough. The Alchemists doubt the Orb and yearn to study it, the Maji protect the orb and worship it, but neither understand how it's supposed to sustain life. They just sacrifice the weakest in fear of what would happen if they stopped.

Torren wants to smash the orb and break the system, but he's kicked out of the Alchemists' rebel base for his tempting idea. He secretly knows the rebel's latest plan to steal it and reckons the cost of life will be too great, but needs help pulling off his counter plan. A desperate, resourceful girl would do...

Would life cease to exist if the orb broke? Torren finds the unknown fascinating while Meredith has nothing left to lose - they team up to destroy it to break the system before they're sacrificed for the good of those who would kill not to find out.

Prickles and Potions

YA Contemporary Fantasy, witches & Potion Ring

When selling spells at school garners unwanted attention from neighbouring covens, Rowan’s more powerful sister is kidnapped and forced to brew potions for the underground potion ring. Rowan brews a stash of unforgivable concoctions to take down the magic dealers and save her sister, but bad magic has twisted consequences, and Rowan struggles with the allure of the darker arts.

Yuki just wants to prove he can run his family’s games store while his dad is away at a convention, but when a real witch threatens him into stocking the shelves with actual magic, he knows he’s in over his head. To make matters worse, he spills a rare potion. Luckily, the potion ring’s resident brewer guides him to her sister, Rowan, who can replace the stock, although Yuki wasn’t expecting to make a deal with a deranged girl to help on a rescue mission. He plans to straighten out his mess and maintain the store long enough to persuade his dad to pack up and move, and not let Rowan harm them in the process.

Together, they must break into the potion ring’s hideout, fix their mess, and save a sister that has other plans for the potion ring.

Shadow Runner

YA Dystopian Espionage

Written in 2011, needs reworking but there’s a killer twist - I promise. Mirror’s Edge meets Divergent.


Ashfire, The Clearing #2, Son of a falling star.

I’ve planned out the sequels to all completed first books and written key scenes to help with world and character building.